A general scenario, a doctor charges you for a procedure that he or she has done at that given point of time. But sometimes doctors perform 2-3 procedures at the same time giving you a cost of procedures that have been conducted multiple times. Ideally, this shouldn’t be the situation.

There are instances that doctors coming in to just check reports and charging you for a visit in spite of a doctor being there on duty. These acts should be caught by the insurer by checking the bills; sometimes they do get overlooked. Hence, patients and their relatives should be aware and keep a close watch on hospital duties and procedures and be cautious from being overcharged.

Influenza is a virus that is caused by the influenza virus. The symptoms can be mild to severe. It is generally contracted by cough and sneezing. After contracting the virus, it takes at least two days for the symptoms to show and typically last for almost seven days. It is a small distant contraction. The type of contraction can be determined in three different ways, i.e. Type A, Type B and Type C.

The symptoms of influenza vary from a child to an adult. A child will have symptoms like nausea and vomiting while adults have other symptoms like high fever and headaches. Influenza being a contractual virus can be treated with a vaccine that lasts only a year and by following regular hygienic habits like washing your hands with sanitizers and using face masks as a precautionary measure.