Sleep apnea is a disorder which makes it difficult for the person to sleep at night. Most of the people find it difficult to get the sound sleep as their airway gets blocked which results in disturbed sleep. Most of those people prefer to use sleep apnea machines to get the sound sleep at night. This machine provides you with easy air flow through your throat so that you do not feel like choking during sleeping.

sleeping mask

What is a sleep apnea machine?

It is a machine that provides pressurized air flow into your throat so that air duct may remain open and you can get the constant air for breathing. The machine comprises of a small fan that provides you with pressurized air. The machine also provides you with filters that clean the air from dust, smoke and other impurities that might be present in the air. Clean air will be supplied to your lungs. These filters need to be exchanged or replaced according to the usage of the machine. You can also set the settings of the machine according to your needs.

How it works?

Those people who have sleeping problems usually use this machine to get the sound sleep that you may need. It is seen that soft tissues present in the throat get relaxed when we sleep which results in closure of the air flow passage between your nose and lungs. This closure results in blockage of air flow and oxygen in your blood stream which sends message to your brain to wake up. With constant air flow, you will sleep for longer period of time as the oxygen in blood will not be reduced.