Dermal fillers are the most favorite choices for many of the women in the United Kingdom for getting youthful, plump and smooth skin. A very common question everyone thinks about this treatment is, ‘is this treatment safe?’ The answer is YES. This treatment is safe and free from any sort of side effects.

massage of the face

Dermal fillers are basically injections of gel made of hyaluronic acid. This gel is filled in your skin to add volume and also to tighten it in removing all the wrinkles. This treatment can be done on almost every area of your face including cheek, eyes, mouth, lips, and jaw lines. The gel-based fillers used in the treatment restore lost volume to your plump areas. This results in making the skin, tight and wrinkle free.


If you live in Birmingham then you probably need this treatment more. Birmingham is one of the most crowded cities of UK. More crowd means more pollution resulting in early dullness and wrinkling of the skin. These are many trusted clinics that offer dermal fillers in Birmingham. Just look for one and go for this treatment. The result will leave you amazed for sure.


The treatment can last for 6 months to 24 months. It doesn’t have any side effect and is mostly pain-free. You may feel a little pain during the injection of gels into the skin but that’s tolerable sort of pain. It is advised that you have an initial discussion with your surgeon about what to expect during and after the treatment.