Pregnancy is the best period of your life. You feel blessed to give birth to a new life. During pregnancy, your heart may be filled with happiness and an exciting feeling but your body suffers a lot. There are not only the physical changes that occur in your body during pregnancy but you also undergo various types of emotional changes. Hence, you are required to follow the healthy habits to have the best control on your health. Back pain is very common in the pregnant women in Teddington. It may not be the trivial matter for many women but severe back pain should not be neglected. It can have a negative impact on your health and affects your pregnancy as well. So, it is important that if any kind of back pain issue arises in the pregnant women, effective pain management should be done.

Coping up with back pain

Pregnancy related back pain triggers at the specific areas only. It mainly troubles you during the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy. This happens because of the growing size of your belly which creates load on the spine and pelvic area of your body. To deal with this type of pain, contact the best pregnancy back pain specialist in Teddington. Such specialists treat the back pain due to pregnancy and make you feel better. They provide you some instructions and techniques that can help you in managing your back pain.

  • Exercises that strengthen the back muscles like pilate exercises
  • Hands-on treatment like soft tissue work and stabilization exercises
  • Chiropractic treatment
  • gentle or prenatal massage therapy

These are low strain therapies which help in eliminating your back pain during pregnancy.