Many people work meticulously to take care of themselves like eating balanced food and regularly going to the gym. One area that gets neglected is the feet. Actually, they remain hidden under socks and shoes. Just like you visit a dentist to maintain better oral health, regular feet checkup is also crucial.

Feet doctors or chiropodists or podiatrists in Birmingham are trained to identify symptoms of nail issues or foot damage, while pedicure at the salon is just a cosmetic process. Private chiropodist in Birmingham can help with heel pain, nail conditions, in-growing nails, corns, bunions, and verrucae conditions. Diabetic patients or people with bone deformation issues can benefit from regular visit to chiropodist.

Why regular visits to chiropractor is needed?

Diabetics need to see professionals regularly to avoid conditions like sores and foot ulcers, which can go septic and if the case becomes severe, it can lead to amputation. Even people without apparent medical condition can also go for regular checkup to avoid nail and foot issues. Everyone needs to cut nails properly to avoid ingrown toenails.

treatment of the nails

Chiropodist versus beautician

Visiting a salon for pedicure can make your feet appear attractive but treating fungal invasion, removing verrucae, bunions, corns or callouses can make your feet look attractive as well as make you feel more comfortable while walking.

In addition, a qualified chiropodist ensures your foot health gets well-maintained. They make sure that your existing footwear is comfortable or not. They can suggest better options, which helps to avert serious feet conditions from developing. The beauty technician takes a superficial look but does not have special training or equipment to handle small issues like corn or callous.